8.45 oz (4 Pack) Banana Wave Milk

$ 1,002.99

The alternative milk industry makes up 8 percent of the total U.S. dairy and non-dairy milk market. Packaged Facts projects that the U.S. retail non-dairy beverage market will exceed $1.7 billion in 2016. The banana growing industry produces over sixty million tons of bananas each year equating to household spending of over $4 billion in 2012 alone. Because of these statistics we know that Americans are very familiar with the taste of bananas and non-dairy beverages which will result in consumers’ trying BANANA WAVE banana milk for years to come.


We are aware that in order to successfully launch and promote our product, a considerable investment will be required to commercialize our secret recipe, hire employees, develop a marketing and sales plan to educate our consumers about the benefits of drinking BANANA WAVE banana milk.

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