Beauty Water Shower Purification System

$ 95.00

The health benefits of showering in chemical free water are obvious, but the cosmetic benefits are even more noticeable. Chlorine, heavy metals and harsh chemicals contained in shower water strip the natural protective oils from hair and skin, causing dryness and accelerated fading of hair color. Showering in pure, chemical-free, filtered water helps hair and skin feel softer, prolongs the life of your color while maintaining hair’s shiny and glossy look. With BEAUTY WATER®, you will see and feel the difference.

Helps preserve hair color
Softens hair & skin
91% chlorine reduction
Filters heavy metals, harsh chemicals & reduces voc’s
Enhances ph balance
This patented, 2 stage shower purification system contains:(1) adjustable, deluxe shower head, (1) easy to replace shower purification filter