Camp USA Flint Kit Medium For Rock Climbing

$ 87.95



An affordable and reliable kit for beginners
The kit includes: Flint harness (0205), HMS Compact Lock carabiner (125603), Shell belay and rappel device (0927), Acqualong chalk bag (1370-3)
A versatile and affordable kit for indoor and outdoor climbers. The light and comfortable Flint harness features the patented No-Twist belay loop that holds the belay carabiner securely in place to prevent the dangers of cross loading, robust construction, and all the features to make it ready for anything you plan to throw its way. The kit also includes the rope-friendly HMS Compact Lock carabiner, the Shell belay and rappel device, and the Acqualong chalk bag.


(M size) – 457 g, 16.1 oz


ID: 0223
No-Twist Belay Loop: Yes
Flat Link Leg Straps: No
Haul Loop: Yes
Drop Seat: Yes

Size Waist Legs
cm in cm in
S 65-77 25.6 – 30.3 52-62 20.5 – 24.4
M 75-87 29.5 – 34.3 56-66 22-26
L 85-97 33.5 – 38.2 60-70 23.6 – 27.6