Eco-armour Set Of Three 5 Oz. Shave With Benefits Shave Foam

$ 55.14




Try all three: Bergamot+Pink Grapefruit, Mint+Eucalyptus and Pomegranate+Mango
Great for men and women with super sensitive skin!

Helps to Eliminate:
Nicks and Cuts
Future Ingrown Hairs
Razor Burn
Red Bumps
Dull Blades

Gluten Free. Made in the USA.

Each foam is 5 oz (150 ml)

1 Shake gently, then wet skin with warm water, massage foam into skin. (For areas where bumps persist, leave on for 60 seconds and reapply to skin and razor before shaving.)

2 Shave with confidence. After shaving, rinse your skin and razor.

3 Pat the razor dry on a towel, apply foam to the razor head and leave on in between shaves. (This *patented step extends useful blade life dramatically while giving you a superb shave every time.)