Glee Gum, Gum 21 Mini Box Variety, 6-Ounce (6 Pack)

$ 40.95

Exciting news! Glee Gum is transitioning to a new recipe for its gum base, the part that gives it chewy texture. Unlike the gum base in most chewing gum, which is made with synthetic materials, Glee's new gum base recipe is 100% natural. It’s made predominantly of the rainforest tree sap chicle with just three additional, safe, natural ingredients: calcium carbonate, candelilla wax, and dehydrated citrus peels. 

Includes 6 "Mini Glee Variety Packs," each of which include 21 Mini Glee Gum boxes.  (126 mini boxes total) 

Each Mini Glee Variety Pack contains a convenient assortment of 21 Mini Glee Gum boxes in kid-friendly flavors: Tangerine, Triple Berry, and Bubblegum. There are 21 Mini boxes of chewing gum enclosed in each Mini Glee Variety Pack, with 4 pieces of chewing gum per box. Featuring biodegradable packaging on the outside and all natural chewing gum on the inside, the Mini Glee Variety Pack is a great “green” option for Halloween and the holidays and makes a neat sweet treat for parties and gift bags!