GT-Lite Headlamp 1 by GT-Tactical

$ 19.95

Everywhere you go outdoors and away from civilization, it seems someone is wearing a headlamp. During the day, at night, in a tent, while hiking, you name it; someone is sporting a headlamp leading them the right way. Headlamps are all the rage, and GT-LITE understands that you’re looking for a powerful, comfortable solution to wear indoors and out. That’s where the CampLamp comes in handy.

The GT-LITE CampLamp is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast looking for a multi-purpose headlamp they can use at home, on the go or when communing with Mother Nature. Its Cree XP-Q5 LED light leads the way with 50,000 hours of 150-lumen light. With a 100-meter range, you have the bright light to get you where you need to go safely and without disturbing the people, animals or environment around you.

The CampLamp is built with a comfortable elastic band to wear around your head, along with the additional strap to go over your head for extra support. The CampLamp features our zoom focus, allowing you to focus light more accurately than traditional headlamps. This allows for ease of use, a comfortable wear, and a quick way to change between light modes to get the right lighting depending on the circumstances.

The CampLamp is made for the outdoor adventurer, the homebody, and everyone in between. If you’re looking for a reliable, functional, comfortable headlamp, the CampLamp is it.