GT-Lite Immortal Flashlight by GT-Tactical

$ 34.99

The GT-LITE Immortal is the perfect combination of design, light, and functionality. When you’re looking for a multi-purpose flashlight that can do it all, you look towards our Immortal. The Immortal is a fully functional flashlight that can be used in a variety of situations, along with standing up to the punishment of being used indoors, outdoors and when the weather turns south.

There are many things to look for in a good, reliable flashlight. You want a great design, solid grip, and functionality that’ll last you through the darkest night. With the GT-LITE Immortal, you have all of that and more. The Immortal offers several different ways you can keep it charged so you’ll never run out of light when you need it the most. The Immortal features a rechargeable battery, utilizing an AC adapter and car charger to keep it charged wherever you are.

The Immortal features a weatherproof design, offering a solid grip, which means you don’t have to worry about it slipping when out in the rain or snow. It offers three performance modes: High (250 lumen), low (100 lumen) and emergency strobe. Its design allows for a focused beam of light when used in high or low mode, giving you precise lightning that’s great for any need. With 50,000 hours of lifetime light, you’ll never be forced out into the darkness without a guide.

The GT-LITE Immortal is the best flashlight for military, law enforcement professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and just about everyone in between. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor flashlight, the Immortal is best served when in your hands and guiding the way.