GT-Lite Ranger Flashlight by GT-Tactical

$ 39.00

When you imagine flashlights, you don’t typically conjure up something easy to carry and fully functional. You think of big, clunky, and powerful. What if you could get a flashlight that was easy to carry and fully functional? Now, you’re thinking GT-LITE. You’re thinking of the GT-LITE Ranger.

The Ranger is a 500-lumen tactical flashlight, utilizing the virtually indestructible Cree XML T6 LED. It offers 50,000 hours of lifetime use, even on its highest setting. The Ranger utilizes a weatherproof O-ring, gasket sealing and a gunmetal colorization that makes this a formidable flashlight no matter what purpose you pull it out for.

One of the biggest functional uses of the Ranger is its strike bezel design. The strike bezel provides a protection option for anyone carrying it. Whether you’re a police officer, military personnel or just walking your dog on a dark night, rest assured that when you carry the GT-LITE Ranger, you’re not just giving yourself a powerful lighting solution, you have a personal defense option right in your hands.

The GT-LITE Ranger is perfect for just about anyone looking for a multi-purpose flashlight. The Ranger’s design makes it virtually indestructible, weatherproof and fully functional in ways other tactical flashlights can’t even come close to. Whether you’re looking for an everyday flashlight, an on the go flashlight or something in between, the Ranger is your go-to all-in-one flashlight.