HEX Performance The Ultimate Hex Set w/ Power+ Detergent & Enhance+ Sport Scent

$ 49.95

Ultimate protection at the ultimate value!
That feeling you get as you dress and work your gear in preparing for the challenge ahead of you. Nothing delivers like HEX Performance to ensure your apparel and gear are ready for that grueling season. The Ultimate HEX Set offers maximum cleaning protection against odors typically associated with bacteria and mildew on all your performance gear and apparel. With the Ultimate HEX Set, you’re ready.

The Ultimate HEX Set uses advanced technology that’s common to all HEX Performance products. This unique technology offers a host of benefits never before seen in the fitness industry. HEX tech will ensure your gear and apparel stays clean, protected, and odor free, giving you clean performance.

At HEX Performance we know that all gear and apparel are different. And so is the way to care for it. That’s why we’ve created three unique treatments designed just for you. The Ultimate HEX Set arms you with the ability to clean and protect any performance gear and apparel.

The Ultimate HEX Set comes complete with everything you need to fully deep clean and protect any and all gear and apparel.

HEX Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash
The only system designed specifically to clean and protect today’s high performance gear.

HEX Power+ Laundry Detergent
A radical breakthrough in cleaning with advanced detergent technology for all your performance apparel.

HEX Enhance+ Laundry Performance Booster 
It's not a fabric softener, although it does naturally soften without the negative attributes of fabric softeners.  

HEX On Demand+ Spray & Go
On the go cleaning at your fingertips for anything you can’t throw in a washing machine.