Michele's Apple Quinoa Granola 12 Ounces, Pack of 3

$ 21.99

Formerly a farmers market exclusive, Apple Quinoa is a crunchy blend of hearty whole grain oats, crunchy quinoa and locally-sourced apples.
We introduced this variety, in partnership with a local orchard, as a donation to Baltimore’s annual Farm to Chef event in 2012. This incredible event raises money to educate children about the importance of fresh, local food in their diets, and its journey from farm to table.

Not only does this granola come from a good place, but it tastes great too! Try adding it to plain yogurt for a delicious breakfast, or whip up one of our Caramel Apple Parfaits for a tasty fall treat.

The Good Stuff

Quinoa is considered a “superfood”, meaning it is extremely rich in nutrients. It contains almost twice as much fiber as other grains, and is high in in protein, magnesium, B2, and iron.

Lending a natural sweetness to our granola, apples are also a good source of fiber and immune-boosting vitamin C. Research has shown that a very moderate intake of apples or apple juice can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cinnamon is associated with a number of different health benefits, including boosting the body’s immune system, relieving indigestion, and alleviating arthritis pain. Just a teaspoon of cinnamon contains 28 mg of calcium, almost one mg of iron, over a gram of fiber, as well as vitamins C, K, and manganese.

Organic rolled oats, organic unsweetened coconut, organic brown sugar, organic quinoa, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, organic ground flax seed, unsweetened apple sauce, expeller-pressed non-GMO canola oil, organic apple juice, filtered water, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, sea salt.