Norm's Farms Elderberry Extract 8 Ounce

$ 19.00

Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract is made from farm-fresh North American native elderberries (not from European concentrate). Our Extract formula is very simple…we use a gentle water process to extract the elderberry and remove the seeds before we bottle it.

Our Elderberry Extract tastes great, like a dry red wine: it’s not sweet, and it’s not bitter. You won’t find any added alcohol, sugars, artificial sweeteners or ingredients in our products. Elderberry contains higher levels of antioxidants than blueberry, sweet cherry, tart cherry, acai, noni, goji, pomegranate and cranberry juices.

Ingredients: Elderberry, water,* malic acid** (less than .03% by volume)

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Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract

We bottle our Elderberry Extract in 8 Fl oz. recyclable glass bottles. No worries about plastic chemicals leaching into the product. Glass is a great sustainable option for bottling.

Elderberry Extract Recommended Serving Size

Recommended serving: 1 teaspoon a day (up to 4 times a say) taken alone or added to your favorite beverage for immune system support.

*Water is a listed ingredient because of the water extract method we use. We use that method because it’s the simplest, cleanest, purest way to extract juice from an elderberry. The elderberry seeds inside the elderberry prevent us from using a press method to extract the juice because the seeds clog up and shut down the press. Other extract methods that were available to us but we rejected include a steam method (which requires heating the berries to 400 degrees), or using alcohol or some other chemical to pull the juice out of the berries.

**Made from from apples.