Norm's Farms Elderberry Extract by the case

$ 199.00

Looking for Black Elderberry Extract? Our Elderberry Extract is made from the native American black elderberry. Now you can buy our immune system boosting, cold and flu busting, additive free Elderberry Extract by the case. 12 bottles per case.

Ingredients: Elderberry, water,* malic acid** (less than .03% by volume)

Recommended serving: 1 teaspoon a day (up to 4 times a day) taken alone or added to your favorite beverage for immune system support.

Norm’s Farms uses the American Black Elderberry to make our Elderberry Extract. Our low heat water extraction process preserves all the elderberry goodness, and the only thing we add to our pure black elderberry extract is a little bit of malic acid, made from non-gmo apples, for bottling safety reasons. Yes, our product is considerably different than most liquid elderberry supplements and it’s a difference with a purpose. Clean, Simple, Pure. Like Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract? We’d love it if you would consider leaving a review!